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Hipa Beautiful Nature

by HIPA Jeremy 19 Sep 2022 0 Comments

This Activity only valid from September 19th to September 28th EDT.

As seasons exchange, you who live or work in nature may be uninterested in the beauty of NATURE. In order to make more people enjoy the natural beauties around you, Hipa has a good wish that everybody in the group can record and share the beautiful scenery around you.

☆ Purpose

  • The purpose of this activity is aimed at collecting banner materials for #hipaeverydayquotes.


  • #hipabeautifulnature

☆ HOW TO Win

  • Share and introduce your pictures or videos of the beautiful scenery around you with #hipaeverydayquotes in our Facebook Group before September 28th.
  • Get LIKEs for your post as many as possible.


According to the number of LIKEs:

  • TOP 10 Winners: Hipa T-shirt*1

We will contact you after the winners are publicized on September 29th.

☆ NOTE!!

  • The TOP 10 pictures or videos will be featured at Hipastore.com with your name.

Open to US residents only. The activity ends on September 19th, and the winners will be announced on September 29th. Terms of the activity are subject to change. Hipastore.com reserves the right of final interpretation for the activity.

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