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Chainsaw won't start? Starts then stalls? Runs rough? Hesitates before accelerating? Blows black smoke? Or leaks gas from the air filter? If your Stihl chainsaw is suffering from these common engine issues, Hipa's ultimate all-in-one repair kits will solve all these problems. Join the 50,000+ others who have used Hipa to repair their Stihl chainsaws once and for all.

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- MS 170

Hipa All-In-One Repair Kit for Stihl MS 170 Chainsaw

Stihl MS 170 chainsaw won't starts, lacks power, or leaks gas from the air filter? Hipa's all-in-one repair kit eliminates your search time for each part and repowers your MS 170 with proper fuel delivery. 

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- MS 250

Hipa All-In-One Repair Kit for Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw 

Stihl MS 250 chainsaw hard to start? Lose power during acceleration? Or keep backfiring? Hipa's all-in-one repair kit includes everything you need to repower your MS 250 with easy installation.


- MS 180

Hipa All-In-One Repair Kit for Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw

Stihl MS 180 chainsaw won't start? Start then die? Or leak gas? Hipa's all-in-one repair kit offers you an ultimate solution to solve these engine problems and keep your MS 180 running like new again.

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- MS 290

Hipa All-In-One Repair Kit for Stihl MS 290 Chainsaw 

Stihl MS 290 chainsaw running rough? Hard to start? Or lose power? Hipa's all-in-one repair kit is designed to simplify your repair process with the right parts and bring your MS 290 back to its peak condition.

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Hipa Brand Story

By using these all-in-one repair kits to help you simplify finding the right parts and the repair process, you can get your machines up and running like new without necessarily needing costly and time-consuming services. Hipa was born of this vision to help our customers get their job done right, once and for all. ...

How Hipa Began

While traveling in the US, I stayed with an old friend. He enjoyed maintaining his home and garden and was good at DIY. One Saturday, he wanted to mow his yard before we went to lunch but soon after I noticed he was having trouble starting his mower. After spending some time, he finally decided the likely culprit was that the carburetor needed replaced and grass and debris had clogged the air filter. After searching for the parts, he soon became even more frustrated and confused. He found the listings did not address the main problems, and the title and descriptions presented confused or even conflicted information. There was also often no way of determining quality or compatibility, or even an explanation of how to choose the correct part. What should have been a simple task of finding the right part was nerve wracking and time-consuming and there was often no way to verify beforehand, even the part was correct, that would also cause further delays in our already hectic lives. Inspired by this unpleasant repair ordeal, I developed an idea to offer all-in-one repair kits to simplify the process of finding the right parts. Customers can save time and money, keep their maintenance schedules timely and organized, and only perform repairs once. Hipa was born of this vision to help our customers get their job done right, the first time.

How We Developed

Keeping in mind the idea that our customers want to keep their machines running like new, we have a simple business philosophy of "faster, more convenient, with a more enjoyable experience". We focus on serving the needs of homeowners, equipping them with the products and tools to find faults faster, repair with more confidence, and maintain their own machines without necessarily needing costly and time-consuming services. Our website provides a central resource to quickly find products by machine type, model number so the customers know exactly what they are getting, as well as quick and free shipping.
In those rare instances when a customer does encounter more complex or difficult problems, we make it easy to connect with pros who can provide free and constructive advice. Through connecting, organizing, and sharing our experiences, we can keep all our customers’ machines running well, homes and gardens beautiful to bring them a better and more enjoyable life. Our philosophy has made Hipa a one-stop destination and the first choice of over a million US households.

Looking Forward

Looking forward to the future, we are committed to the home and garden enthusiasts and to doing our part in making those wonderful experiences more enjoyable. We continue to innovate, bring exciting new products, and fasten delivery as well as learn from our customers' experiences with our parts and service, our customers are partners and friends. Whether you need replacement parts, tools, help, or anything else you need to make working in the home and garden more fun and rewarding experience, Hipa is here for you!