Hipa Pack of 2 Chainsaw Chain .325 Pitch .063 Gauge 74 Drive Link 18 Inch Bar Length For Stihl MS290 MS310 028 029

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● Semi chisel cutters stay sharp longer and easy to sharpen.
● Blued cutters deliver better corrosion resistance and surface hardness.
● Exclusive German origin steel provides greater durability.
● Ideal for both homeowners and skilled landscapers for light-duty work.
● For saw sizes 38-62 cc.
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Pitch Gauge Drive Links Bar Length Cutter Type Chain Sequence Hipa Saw Chain Code
.325" .063" 74 18" Semi Chisel Standard D6-LS1-74


Model Fit Guide Stihl chainsaw 024 026 028 029 030 031 032 034 036 039 040, 024 Super, 026 Pro, 036 Pro, 036 QS, 028 Super
Stihl MS260 Pro, MS261 C-M, MS261 C-MQ, MS261 CQ, MS270 C, MS270 C-B, MS270 CQS, MS280 C-BQ, MS280 CQS, MS 291 C-BEQ, MS 360 C, MS 360 Pro, MS 360 QS, MS 361 C-B, MS 361 QS
Replacement Parts Guide HUSQVARNA H28-74, 591104274, H26-74, 501 84 17-74, 591104274
TRILINK CL26374TL2, CL76374TL2, CL76374NSTL2
STIHL 26RM3 74, 26RS374E, 26RS74E, 3639 005 0074
Package Includes Chainsaw Chain*2 as pictured

Question 1: will it fit stihl ms250?

NO, too long, about 5 or 6 links too long.

Question 2: Has anyone used this chain for ripping logs into planks (boards)?

I have used these types of chains making planks, they do work, just the planks you cut will have alot more saw marks on the wood, not as smooth of a cut as a ripping chain will have.

Question 3: Will any 18 inch chain fit a snapper chainsaw?

when sizing my chain, I matched chain length too. But also I had to match the chain pitch, gauge, and number of drive links in in the chain I was buying. To do that I had to go to my Stihl website and make sure the chains offered at the Amazon vendor would fit my saw. So if you know your Snapper chain saw details, you will probably know if this fits.

HIPA chain part/NO. instruction (e.g., G3-LF1-55)

Pitch Gauge
Chain Sequence Cutter Type Special Features Drive Links
1/4" LP .043"(1.1mm) A1 L=Standard F=Full Chisel 1=Bumper Drive Link 55=55 Drive Links
1/4" .050"(1.3mm) B3 M=Full Skip S=Semi Chisel 2=Bumper Tie Strap 100F=100 Feet
.325" LP .043"(1.1mm) C1 N=Semi Skip 3=Ripping Chain 25F=25 Feet
.325" .050"(1.3mm) D3
.058"(1.5mm) D5
.063"(1.6mm) D6
3/8" LP .043"(1.1mm) E1
.050"(1.3mm) E3
3/8" .050"(1.3mm) G3
.058"(1.5mm) G5
.063"(1.6mm) G6
.404" .058"(1.5mm) H5
.063"(1.6mm) H6
Hipa Pack of 2 Chainsaw Chain .325 Pitch .063 Gauge 74 Drive Link 18 Inch Bar Length For Stihl MS290 MS310 028 029
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