● Hipa fuel pump ensures consistent and reliable fuel supply to solve your engine's starting issues, fuel tank noise and engine sputtering problems, and more.
● Pre-adjusted by manufacturer, bolt on and go!
● Compatible with Replaces Kohler 24-393-16, 24-393-16-S, 24-393-16-04, CH13T, CH18, CH18S, CH20, CH20S, CH20QS, Command ch 18 18s 20 20s engine fuel bump; Briggs and Stratton 808656 491922 808492 692313 fuel bump; Honda 16700-Z0J-003 gc160 5.0hp gc190 6hp gx620 20hp fuel bump; John Deere LG808656 / M138498 / M145667 L105 L107 L108 L111 L118 L120 L130 LT166 LT180 LT190 LTR166 LTR180 LX277 LX280 LX288 lawn mower.
● Package: fuel pump*1, fuel valve*2, fuel filter*2, fuel line*1, clamp*8.
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Hipa Fuel Pump Kit 24 393 16-S for Briggs & Stratton 808656 491922 808492 692313 Engine Replaces 16700-Z0J-003

Hipa Fuel Pump Kit 24 393 16-S for Briggs & Stratton 808656 491922 808492 692313 Engine Replaces 16700-Z0J-003


Hipa Fuel Pump Kit 24 393 16-S for Briggs & Stratton 808656 491922 808492 692313 Engine Replaces 16700-Z0J-003


Model Fit Guide

Kohler engine CH13 CH18 CH20 CH22 CH23 CH25 CH620 CH621 CH640 CH670 CH680 CH730 CH740 CH750 CV17 CV18 CV19 CV20 CV22 CV22S CV23 CV25 CV620 CV624 CV640 CV670 CV675 CV680 CV682 CV724 CV725 CV730 CV732 CV740 CV742 CV750 CV752 CV940 CV960 CV980 CV1000 ECH630 ECH680 ECH730 ECH749 ECV650 ECV680 ECV70 ECV730 ECV740 ECV749 ECV940 ECV980 ECV850 ECV860 ECV870 ECV880 SV470 SV471 SV480 SV530 SV540 SV541 SV590 SV591 SV600 SV601 SV610 SV620 SV710 SV715 SV720 SV725 SV730 SV735 SV740 SV810 SV820 SV830 SV840 ZT720
Honda Generator/Engine EB11000 EN2000 EN2500 GC135 GC160 GC190 GX610 GX620 GX670 GXV530 GXV610 GXV620 GXV670
Cub Cad Lawn Tractor TX1046VT LTX1050VT SLTX1054VT LTX1046 LTX1050 SLTX1054 GT1222 GT1554VT LT1018 LT2180 LT1024 LT1022
Ryobi Digital Inverter Generator RYi2000T RYi2000TA RYi2200 RYCi2001 RYi2200A RYi2200G RYi1000 Yama-ha golf cart
Yama-ha G16 G19 G20 G22 G29
Husqvarna Lawn Mower GTH2248T GTH2448T GTH2454T GTH2654 GTH2654T GTH2754 HTH2148 LGT2564 LOGTH2448T LT18542B
TH1842 YTH2148 YTH2148B YTH2148C YTH2148D YTH2242T YTH2248 YTH2348 YTH2448T YTH2454T
Poulan Lawn Mower Tractor PB20H42YT PB22H42YT PB22H48YT PBGT22H48 PRGT22H48 PB20H42YT PB22H42YT PB22H48YT PBGT22H48 DPR22H48ST
Replaces Replaces parts # Kohler 24 393 16-S, 24 393 16, 24 393 04-S, 24 393 04, 24 393 02, 15 393 01-S, 15 393 01 KH-24-393-16-S, KH-24-393-16, KH-24-393-04-S, KH-24-393-04, KH-24-393-02, KH-15-393-01-S, KH-15-393-01
John Deere LG808656 M138498 M145667
Honda 16700-Z0J-003
Kawasaki 49040-7001 49040-2075
Ryobi 308459007
Briggs & Stratton 808656 491922 691034 692313 807429 808281 808322 557033 BS-808656 BS-491922 BS-691034 BS-692313 BS-807429 BS-808281 BS-808322 BS-557033

Product Specifications

Engine won't start? Runs for a while then dies? Engines will idle but dies at fuell throttle? Fuel tank noise? Engine sputtering? and more.
If your engine is suffering from these common engine problems, Hipa's fuel bump offers you the ultimate solution. DIY with 1,000,000+ Hipa members to get your engine up and running like new again, once and for all.

Brand Story

As an aftermarket parts supplier for small engines, Hipa is dedicated to offering homeowners parts pre-adjusted parts with OEM quality. More than 1,000,000 homeowners enjoy the DIY fun with Hipa. Join us, fixing machines can be easier!

VisionBecome the brand of choice for homeowners and bring Hipa into millions of homes!
ValueLive up to every customer's expectations, spare no effort to provide better products for our customers, take the initiative to serve them with the most sincere attitude, and ensure that every promise is fulfilled.
MissionProvide high-quality products and services, and work together with the customers to make home life better!

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