● Hipa's carburetor all-in-one repair kit is made with excellent quality control to get your machine up and running like new again.
● Each Hipa carburetor comes fine-tuned from the factory.
● Compatible with Briggs & Stratton 594593 591731 796109 21B807-0112-B1 31M977-0114-E1 31N677-0554-B2 31P677-0144-B1 Engine.
● Replaces 591731, 796109, 594593.
● Package: carburetor*1, fuel line*1, gasket*1, clamp*2.
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Hipa Carburetor For Briggs & Stratton Intek 14.5hp - 21hp Carb 796109 591731 594593 Engine Parts

Hipa Carburetor For Briggs & Stratton Intek 14.5hp - 21hp Carb 796109 591731 594593 Engine Parts


Hipa Carburetor For Briggs & Stratton Intek 14.5hp - 21hp Carb 796109 591731 594593 Engine Parts


Model Fit Guide

Briggs & Stratton Engine 31A507-0111-B1  31A507-0111-E1 31A507-0113-B1  31A507-0113-E1 31A507-0114-B1  31A507-0114-E1 31A507-0116-B1  31A507-0116-E1 31A507-0117-B1  31A507-0117-E1 31A507-0118-B1  31A507-0119-B1 31A507-0120-B1  31A507-0121-G1 31A507-0122-B1  31A507-0123-B1 31A507-0124-B1  31A507-0126-B1 31A507-0130-B1  31A507-0131-B1 31A507-0132-G5  31A507-0133-G1 31A507-0133-G5  31A507-0134-B1 31A507-0135-G1  31A507-0135-G5 31A507-0136-B1  31A507-0137-G5 31A507-0138-B1  31A507-0140-B1 31A507-0141-B1  31A507-0143-B1 31A507-0471-B1  31A507-0742-B1 31A507-0743-B1  31A507-0839-B1 31A507-0871-G1  31A507-0871-G5 31A507-1391-B1  31A507-1405-B1 31A507-1498-G1  31A507-1498-G5 31A507-1516-B1  31A507-1516-G5 31A507-2391-B1  31A507-2471-B1 31A507-3405-G1  31A507-3405-G5 31A507-4111-B1  31A507-4117-B1 31A507-4405-G1  31A507-4405-G5 31A607-3026-G5  31A607-3472-G5 31A607-3496-G1  31A607-3496-G5 31A677-0036-E1  31A677-0036-G1 31A677-0119-E1  31A607-0026-G1 31A607-0111-E1  31A607-0113-E1 31A607-0114-E1  31A607-0115-E1 31A607-0116-E1  31A607-0117-E1 31A607-0118-E1  31A607-0123-E1 31A607-0142-G1  31A607-0458-E1 31A607-0741-B1  31A607-0741-B2 31A607-0741-B3  31A607-0741-E1 31A607-0741-G1  31A607-0741-G2 31A607-0950-G5  31A707-0116-B1 31A707-0116-E1  31A707-0121-B1 31A707-0335-B1  31A707-0335-E1 31A707-0335-E2  31A707-0504-B1 31A707-0504-E1  31A707-0525-B1 31A707-0525-B2  31A707-0525-E1 31A707-0525-G1  31A707-0696-B1 31A707-0787-B1  31A707-0796-B1 31A707-0874-G1  31A707-0874-G5 31A707-1375-B1  31A707-1454-B1 31A707-2121-B1  31A707-2454-B1 31A777-0112-B1  31A777-0112-E1 31A777-0115-B1  31A777-0118-B1 31A777-0120-B1  31A807-0905-G5 31B707-0005-E1  31B707-0026-E1 31B707-0101-E1  31B707-0420-B1 31B707-0420-E1  31B775-0120-E1 31B775-0120-E2  31B775-0122-E1 31B775-0122-E2  31C707-0005-G1 31C707-0026-G1  31C707-0101-B1 31C707-0110-B1  31C707-0154-B1 31C707-0154-E1  31C707-0160-B1 31C707-0175-E1  31C707-0230-B1 31C707-0230-B2  31C707-0230-E1 31C707-0230-E2  31C707-0240-B1 31C707-0240-E1  31C707-0240-E2 31C707-0431-B1  31C707-0431-E1 31C707-0506-B2  31C707-0571-B1 31C707-0603-B1  31C707-0603-B2 31C707-0603-E1  31C707-0603-E2 31C707-0603-G1  31C707-0603-G2 31C707-0817-B1  31C707-0826-B1 31C707-0897-B1  31C707-1329-B1 31C707-1346-B1  31C707-1346-B2 31C707-1346-G2  31C707-1429-B1 31C707-1431-B1  31C707-2429-B1
Replaces 591731, 796109, 594593

Product Specifications

Engine won't start? Starts then stalls? Runs rough? Hesitates before accelerating? Blows black smoke? RPM is surging up and down? Or leaks gas from the air filter?
If your chainsaw is suffering from these common engine problems, Hipa's carburetor repair kit offers you the ultimate solution. DIY with 1,000,000+ Hipa members to get your chainsaw up and running like new again, once and for all.

Brand Story

As an aftermarket parts supplier for small engines, Hipa is dedicated to offering homeowners parts pre-adjusted parts with OEM quality. More than 1,000,000 homeowners enjoy the DIY fun with Hipa. Join us, fixing machines can be easier!

VisionBecome the brand of choice for homeowners and bring Hipa into millions of homes!
ValueLive up to every customer's expectations, spare no effort to provide better products for our customers, take the initiative to serve them with the most sincere attitude, and ensure that every promise is fulfilled.
MissionProvide high-quality products and services, and work together with the customers to make home life better!

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