Hipa Carburetor For Tecumseh 632644 632645 632646 632669 632670 632678 632681 632733 Engine

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● Craftsman Eager 1 Carburetor replaces for : Tecumseh 631612, 631699, 631784, 631831, 631784A, 631843, 631902, 631902A, 632046, 632046A, 632050, 632050A, 632051, 632052, 632053, 632055, 632070, 632078, 632078A, 632086, 632087, 632088, 632098, 632099, 632214, 632349, 632369, 632380, 632387, 632387A.
● Compatible Following models: Tecumseh Engines:ECV100, LAV30, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, LAV404, TNT100, TNT120,TVS75, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS115, TVS120, TVSL90, TVXL90, TVXL105, & TVXL115
● Each Hipa carburetor comes fine-tuned from the factory.
● Package: carburetor*1.

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SKU: 01-3835

Model Fit Guide

Compatible for OEM Number:
631612, 631699, 631784, 631784A
631831, 631843, 631902, 631902A
632046, 632046A, 632050, 632050A
632051, 632052, 632053, 632055
632070, 632078, 632078A, 632086
632087, 632088, 632098, 632099
632214, 632349, 632369, 632380
632387, 632387A, 632388, 632389
632389A, 632391, 632420, 632466
632467, 632468, 632569, 632575
632610, 632610A, 632611, 632611A
632635, 632644, 632645, 632646
632669, 632670, 632678, 632681
632733, 632744, 632747, 632750
632769, 632772, 632795, 632795a
632975a, 633014, 730182

Compatible with MFG No: 226, 339, 386, 418, 419
422,433, 438, 445, 703, 1056, 1010, 1022
1036, 1034,1035, 113Z 1126, 1278
1279, 1474, 1499, 1500,1529, 1555, 1550
1548, 1604, 1619, 1650, 1652,1059, 1060
127Z 1552, 1549, 1554, 1558,1610,1623,1021

Compatible Following models:
Tecumseh Engines:
ECV100, LAV30, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, LAV404, TNT100, TNT120,
TVS75, TVS90, TVS100, TVS105, TVS115, TVS120, TVSL90, TVXL90, TVXL105, & TVXL115

Hipa 632795A Carburetor compatible with the following machines:


  • CA-632053 (1059) Carburetor CA-632088 (438) Carburetor
  • CA-632098 (433) Carburetor CA-632387 (1036) Carburetor
  • CA-632467 (1277) Carburetor TEC-632046A (1021) Carburetor
  • TEC-632050A (1056) Carburetor TEC-632078A (1051) Carburetor
  • TEC-632099 (1053) Carburetor TEC-632391 (1137) Carburetor
  • TEC-632569 (1469) Carburetor TEC-632611 (1500) Carburetor
  • TEC-632646 (1549) Carburetor TEC-632669 (1550) Carburetor
  • TEC-632670 (1548) Carburetor TEC-632681 (1558) Carburetor
  • TEC-632733 (1604) Carburetor TEC-632744 (1619) Carburetor
  • TEC-632747 (1610) Carburetor TEC-632750 (1623) Carburetor


  • TVS115-56001A TVS115-56014B TVS115-56020B TVS115-56027E TVS115-56036C TVS115-56045B TVS115-56048E TVS115-56059D TVS115-56069E TVS115-56074E TVS115-56087E TVS115-56098E
  • TVS115-56007A TVS115-56015A TVS115-56020D TVS115-56028A TVS115-56036D TVS115-56046B TVS115-56049C TVS115-56060C TVS115-56070D TVS115-56076D TVS115-56090E TVS115-56099E
  • TVS115-56010A TVS115-56015B TVS115-56023A TVS115-56029A TVS115-56037B TVS115-56046C TVS115-56050B TVS115-56061C TVS115-56070E TVS115-56077D TVS115-56091E TVS115-56099F
  • TVS115-56010B TVS115-56016A TVS115-56023B TVS115-56029B TVS115-56037C TVS115-56047B TVS115-56050C TVS115-56062C TVS115-56070F TVS115-56077E TVS115-56091F TVS115-56100E
  • TVS115-56011A TVS115-56016B TVS115-56024A TVS115-56029D TVS115-56039B TVS115-56047C TVS115-56051C TVS115-56062D TVS115-56071D TVS115-56078D TVS115-56091G TVS115-56101E
  • TVS115-56012A TVS115-56017A TVS115-56026A TVS115-56031B TVS115-56041B TVS115-56047D TVS115-56052C TVS115-56063C TVS115-56071E TVS115-56081D TVS115-56092E TVS115-56107G
  • TVS115-56012B TVS115-56018B TVS115-56027A TVS115-56032B TVS115-56042B TVS115-56047E TVS115-56057C TVS115-56064D TVS115-56072D TVS115-56081E TVS115-56094E TVS115-56602A
  • TVS115-56013B TVS115-56019A TVS115-56027B TVS115-56033B TVS115-56043B TVS115-56048B TVS115-56057D TVS115-56065D TVS115-56073D TVS115-56082D TVS115-56095E TVS115-56603A
  • TVS115-56013C TVS115-56019D TVS115-56027C TVS115-56033C TVS115-56044B TVS115-56048C TVS115-56058C TVS115-56068D TVS115-56073E TVS115-56084D TVS115-56096E TVS115-56604A
  • TVS115-56014A TVS115-56020A TVS115-56027D TVS115-56036B TVS115-56044C TVS115-56048D TVS115-56059C TVS115-56069D TVS115-56074D TVS115-56085E TVS115-56097E TVS115-56604B TVS115-56605B TVS115-56902B TVS115-57002C TVS115-57010B TVS115-57022B TVS115-57029D TVS115-57037C TVS115-57046E TVS115-57058F TVS115-57802B TVS115-57903A TVS115-61002A


  • TVS115-56606B TVS115-56902C TVS115-57003 TVS115-57011A TVS115-57023B TVS115-57029E TVS115-57037D TVS115-57048E TVS115-57058G TVS115-57802C TVS115-57903B TVS115-61003A
  • TVS115-56609C TVS115-56906A TVS115-57003B TVS115-57011B TVS115-57023C TVS115-57030B TVS115-57038C TVS115-57049E TVS115-57063G TVS115-57806C TVS115-57903C TVS115-61005A
  • TVS115-56610C TVS115-56911A TVS115-57005 TVS115-57012A TVS115-57023D TVS115-57030C TVS115-57038D TVS115-57051E TVS115-57064G TVS115-57807D TVS115-57903D TVS115-61006A
  • TVS115-56611C TVS115-56912B TVS115-57006 TVS115-57013B TVS115-57024B TVS115-57030D TVS115-57039C TVS115-57052E TVS115-57065G TVS115-57807E TVS115-57903E TVS115-61007A
  • TVS115-56802D TVS115-56912C TVS115-57006B TVS115-57016B TVS115-57025B TVS115-57031C TVS115-57040D TVS115-57053E TVS115-57601 TVS115-57808D TVS115-57904B TVS115-61007B
  • TVS115-56901A TVS115-57001 TVS115-57006C TVS115-57016C TVS115-57027B TVS115-57031D TVS115-57042D TVS115-57054E TVS115-57602A TVS115-57809D TVS115-57904C TVS115-61007C
  • TVS115-56901B TVS115-57002 TVS115-57007 TVS115-57018B TVS115-57028B TVS115-57032C TVS115-57043D TVS115-57056F TVS115-57603B TVS115-57901A TVS115-57905C TVS115-61007D
  • TVS115-56901C TVS115-57002A TVS115-57008 TVS115-57019A TVS115-57028C TVS115-57032D TVS115-57045D TVS115-57056G TVS115-57603C TVS115-57901B TVS115-57905D TVS115-61008A
  • TVS115-56902A TVS115-57002B TVS115-57010A TVS115-57020B TVS115-57029C TVS115-57033C TVS115-57046D TVS115-57057F TVS115-57604B TVS115-57902A TVS115-57905E TVS115-61008B
  • TVS115-61008C TVS115-61023A TVS115-61027D TVS115-61033B TVS115-61042C TVS115-61051D TVS115-61070D TVS115-61085E TVS115-61603A TVS115-61613 TVS115-61622B TVS115-61803E TVS115-61008D TVS115-61024A TVS115-61028B TVS115-61035B TVS115-61042D TVS115-61052C TVS115-61070E TVS115-61091F TVS115-61603B TVS115-61613B TVS115-61622C TVS115-61803F


  • TVS115-61013A TVS115-61024B TVS115-61028C TVS115-61037B TVS115-61042E TVS115-61056C TVS115-61070F TVS115-61092F TVS115-61604 TVS115-61614A TVS115-61801 TVS115-61804A
  • TVS115-61020A TVS115-61026A TVS115-61028D TVS115-61037C TVS115-61043C TVS115-61056D TVS115-61071D TVS115-61093F TVS115-61604A TVS115-61616A TVS115-61801A TVS115-61804B
  • TVS115-61020B TVS115-61026B TVS115-61029B TVS115-61037D TVS115-61043D TVS115-61057C TVS115-61072D TVS115-61601 TVS115-61605 TVS115-61617A TVS115-61802A TVS115-61804C
  • TVS115-61020C TVS115-61026C TVS115-61030A TVS115-61038B TVS115-61048C TVS115-61060D TVS115-61073D TVS115-61601A TVS115-61607 TVS115-61618A TVS115-61802B TVS115-61805A
  • TVS115-61021A TVS115-61026D TVS115-61030B TVS115-61039B TVS115-61048D TVS115-61063D TVS115-61076D TVS115-61601B TVS115-61608 TVS115-61619A TVS115-61803A TVS115-61805B
  • TVS115-61021B TVS115-61027A TVS115-61031B TVS115-61040A TVS115-61049C TVS115-61064D TVS115-61081D TVS115-61602 TVS115-61609 TVS115-61620B TVS115-61803B TVS115-61806B
  • TVS115-61021C TVS115-61027B TVS115-61031D TVS115-61040B TVS115-61050C TVS115-61065D TVS115-61082D TVS115-61602A TVS115-61610 TVS115-61621B TVS115-61803C TVS115-61807B
  • TVS115-61022A TVS115-61027C TVS115-61032B TVS115-61041B TVS115-61051C TVS115-61066D TVS115-61083E TVS115-61603 TVS115-61610B TVS115-61621C TVS115-61803D TVS115-61807C
  • TVS115-61807D TVS115-61907B TVS115-62122D TVS90-43220D TVS90-43290D TVS90-43300D TVS90-43339D TVS90-43348F TVS90-43371E TVS90-43386F TVS90-43425F TVS90-43457F
  • TVS115-61808B TVS115-61908C TVS115-62124D TVS90-43221D TVS90-43291D TVS90-43312D TVS90-43341D TVS90-43351D TVS90-43375E TVS90-43396F TVS90-43426F TVS90-43592M TVS115-61811B TVS115-62106B TVS115-62901A TVS90-43222D TVS90-43292D TVS90-43315D TVS90-43342D TVS90-43352E TVS90-43375F TVS90-43402F TVS90-43428F TVS90-43600E TVS90-46001


  • TVS115-61814B TVS115-62107B TVS115-62902A TVS90-43252D TVS90-43293D TVS90-43321D TVS90-43342E TVS90-43353E TVS90-43379F TVS90-43405F TVS90-43438F TVS90-43602E
  • TVS115-61815C TVS115-62108B TVS90-43145D TVS90-43253D TVS90-43294D TVS90-43322D TVS90-43342F TVS90-43354E TVS90-43380F TVS90-43415F TVS90-43443F TVS90-43603E
  • TVS115-61816C TVS115-62110B TVS90-43150B TVS90-43254D TVS90-43295D TVS90-43333D TVS90-43346E TVS90-43356E TVS90-43381F TVS90-43420F TVS90-43451F TVS90-43603F
  • TVS115-61817D TVS115-62114B TVS90-43174D TVS90-43255D TVS90-43296D TVS90-43334D TVS90-43346F TVS90-43359E TVS90-43382F TVS90-43421F TVS90-43454F TVS90-43604F
  • TVS115-61904A TVS115-62116C TVS90-43176D TVS90-43256D TVS90-43297D TVS90-43336D TVS90-43347E TVS90-43360E TVS90-43383F TVS90-43422F TVS90-43455F TVS90-43605E
  • TVS115-61906A TVS115-62117C TVS90-43178D TVS90-43268D TVS90-43298D TVS90-43337D TVS90-43347F TVS90-43361E TVS90-43384F TVS90-43423F TVS90-43456F TVS90-43605F
  • TVS115-61906B TVS115-62118C TVS90-43219D TVS90-43269D TVS90-43299D TVS90-43338D TVS90-43348E TVS90-43362E TVS90-43385F TVS90-43424F TVS90-43606E TVS90-43616F
  • TVS90-43014A TVS90-43026A TVS90-43041A TVS90-43059B TVS90-43071A TVS90-43096B TVS90-43110A TVS90-43124A TVS90-43145D TVS90-43145D TVS90-43606F TVS90-43617F
  • TVS90-43018A TVS90-43028A TVS90-43042A TVS90-43059D TVS90-43072A TVS90-43103A TVS90-43111A TVS90-43127A TVS90-43150B TVS90-43150B TVS90-43607F TVS90-43618F
  • TVS90-43019A TVS90-43030A TVS90-43043A TVS90-43061A TVS90-43073A TVS90-43104A TVS90-43111B TVS90-43130A TVS90-43174D TVS90-43174D TVS90-43608F TVS90-43619F TVS90-43019B TVS90-43031A TVS90-43044A TVS90-43061B TVS90-43078A TVS90-43105A TVS90-43112A TVS90-43140B TVS90-43176D TVS90-43176D TVS90-43609F TVS90-43620F


  • TVS90-43019D TVS90-43032A TVS90-43044B TVS90-43061D TVS90-43083A TVS90-43107A TVS90-43112B TVS90-43140D TVS90-43178D TVS90-43178D TVS90-43610F TVS90-43621F
  • TVS90-43020A TVS90-43032B TVS90-43046A TVS90-43066A TVS90-43094A TVS90-43107B TVS90-43113A TVS90-43141B TVS90-43219D TVS90-43219D TVS90-43611F TVS90-43622F
  • TVS90-43020B TVS90-43038A TVS90-43055A TVS90-43066B TVS90-43094B TVS90-43108A TVS90-43114A TVS90-43141D TVS90-43220D TVS90-43220D TVS90-43612F TVS90-43624F
  • TVS90-43020C TVS90-43039A TVS90-43056A TVS90-43068A TVS90-43095A TVS90-43108B TVS90-43115A TVS90-43143B TVS90-43221D TVS90-43221D TVS90-43613F TVS90-43625F
  • TVS90-43021A TVS90-43040A TVS90-43058A TVS90-43068B TVS90-43095B TVS90-43108D TVS90-43117A TVS90-43143D TVS90-43222D TVS90-43222D TVS90-43614F TVS90-43626F
  • TVS90-43024A TVS90-43040B TVS90-43059A TVS90-43068D TVS90-43096A TVS90-43109A TVS90-43119A TVS90-43145B TVS90-43252D TVS90-43252D TVS90-43615F TVS90-43627F
  • TVS90-43628F TVS90-43701P TVS90-43709M TVS90-43731M TVS90-43732R TVS90-43737M TVS90-43758P TVS90-46001A TVS90-46006 TVS90-46008B TVS90-46010 TVS90-46013
  • TVS90-43630F TVS90-43703M TVS90-43710M TVS90-43731N TVS90-43734M TVS90-43738M TVS90-43758R TVS90-46002 TVS90-46006A TVS90-46009 TVS90-46010A TVS90-46015
  • TVS90-43631F TVS90-43704M TVS90-43722M TVS90-43732M TVS90-43734P TVS90-43739M TVS90-43766S TVS90-46002A TVS90-46007 TVS90-46009A TVS90-46010B TVS90-46017
  • TVS90-43632F TVS90-43704N TVS90-43726M TVS90-43732N TVS90-43734R TVS90-43739N TVS90-43767S TVS90-46003 TVS90-46008 TVS90-46009B TVS90-46011 TVS90-46018


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