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Fuel Filter Replacement On A Chainsaw

by HIPA Jeremy 23 Nov 2022 0 Comments

This blog is a step-by-step instruction on how to replace a fuel filter on a chainsaw. The most common reasons for replace this part are when the chainsaw engine won’t start, stops after a few seconds, or runs poorly.


Before you replace the fuel filter on your chainsaw, you need to first make sure the chainsaw’s engine has cooled.
Step 1: Set the chainsaw on its side. Unthread the gas cap and pull the retainer out of the tank. Be prepared for some gas to spill.
Step 2: Use a wire with a hook to pull out the gas supply tube and filter.
Step 3: Pull off the old filter from the tube and install a new fuel filter by pushing it into place on the tube.
Step 4: Secure the filter with the retaining ring and gently reinsert the tube and filter back into the tank, making sure there are no restrictions in the tube.
Step 5: Insert the gas cap retainer into the tank then thread the cap on and tighten.

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