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How to Repair A Stihl Chainsaw that Leaks Oil

by JEREMY HIPA 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The oil leak is a common problem for Stihl chainsaws, and it is dangerous to use an oil-leaking chainsaw for a long time. If you are a home user or a DIYer who is interested in small engine repair and want to save more, you can look through this blog to repair your chainsaw.


1. A cardboard
2. An eight millimeter socket
3. A little flashlight

How to Find the Leak Source

The easiest way is to put the cardboard under the chainsaw and leave it for a night. If the oil is dripping on the area underneath the oil cap, you can run your finger under the oil cap to check if there is oil remaining. If yes, you can make sure the oil is leaking from the oil tank. Most oil cap leaking is caused by the tool-less oil cap.
If the oil blot remains in other places, there may be something missing in a hole at the bottom of the muffler. Another common cause is the missing of a little orange plastic plug that covers the hole to prevent the oil leak. You can check if there is such an orange plug using a little flashlight.


The best way to solve the oil cap leak is to replace the tool-less oil cap with the new oil caps that fit your chainsaw. The most common part numbers of the Stihl oil cap are No. 0000-350-0533 and No. 0000-350-0537.

For the other common cause, you need to take off the muffler first to have a clear view of the little hole. If there is no plug, you just need to buy a little set screw from your local shop and screw it in the hole. You’d better pay attention to ensure the screw is not too long to block any passage (a quarter of an inch is perfect).

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