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Never Forget To Check These When Buying A Used Chainsaw

by JEREMY HIPA 21 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The chainsaw plays an important role in garden maintenance. Most people may buy a brand new chainsaw when the old one is out of service, but some still choose to buy a used one. For the group, here are some important tips that need to be checked before you buy a used chainsaw.

1.The compression

You can grab the cord, hold it down and pull it. If the compression feels great, it is a good sign. If you feel too loose, it is a red flag and you should walk away. Even if you feel good, there could be some underlying problems that will be very serious.

The sprocket

You can also grab the chain and spin it around to make sure that it spins well, or it is also a red flag. By the way, you can check the brake by putting the chain brake on its lock position and spinning the chain again. You need to ensure the brake is good before you decide to buy the chainsaw.

2.The new guide bar

It is necessary for you to buy a used chainsaw with a good guide bar. If you bought a saw with a worn guide bar, you would spend more than the saw itself on the bar. So if the bar is not good, you’ll need to look very carefully for a lot of wear and tear on the bar. Check the groove, the rails, and the guide bar nose. Those are the quickest way to check the condition of the saw you are buying. Sometimes the sellers will get uncomfortable if you take off the bar to check it out.

3.Test run

Another important thing you need to do is to test run the chainsaw. Check if the chainsaw can start up and run.

4.The oiling system

The chain and the bar

Look at the bar and the chain, if there is any blue or burnt on the bottom of the bar or the chain looks dry, there could be something wrong with the oiling system.
As an indispensable part of a chainsaw, the oiling system is also a very critical thing you need to pay attention to. Another way is to check if there is oil getting on the chain when you start up the saw. That is going to tell you if the oiling system is working properly in the chainsaw.

The Oil Tank

You are supposed to pull the oil cap off and look in the tank with the help of a little flashlight. If the tank is dry, that is partly why the chain and everything are dry. But if there is oil in the tank, and the chain and the bar are still dry, that shows something is wrong in the oil system.

5.Never buy a chainsaw without physically seeing it

If the seller refuses to let you see the chainsaw physically and asks for an online deal, that shows it is a risky business.

6.The anti-vibration mounts

There are the mounts that separate the engine from where your hand sits. So you do not receive much vibration from the engine running. You can check this by starting the chainsaw up and putting the nose of the chain down on the ground then pushing that forward. You can see how spongy the mounts are. In some old chainsaws, there are no mounts on the body of chainsaws. The chainsaws without the anti-vibration mounts are more unstable than those with anti-vibration mounts.

7.The spark plug

Ask for pull out the spark plug. If the seller says no, that is a red flag, and you should walk away from that deal.
If he agrees with the ask, you have three things to check.
The first thing is to check for a spark. You can take the chainsaw outside and start it up. If you succeed, you already have known it has the spark; if you fail to start it up, there may be something wrong with the engine.
The next thing is to pull out the spark plug and get the information about it.
The last thing is that you can look down the spark plug hole to literally see the piston and rings condition of the engine. If there are scratches on the piston, it is a red flag.

8.The muffler

If the seller does not allow you to remove the muffler, that is a red flag because there may be something that he does not want you to see.
If the seller allows you to remove the muffler on the chainsaw, you can clearly see the shape of the engine and the situation of the piston and rings.


Never buy a used chainsaw with any mentioned problem, or you will pay more than a new chainsaw.

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family, and get help from Hipa.

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