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What Is the Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain Used For

by JEREMY HIPA 24 Jun 2022 0 Comments

As an indispensable part of the chainsaw chain family, the full-chisel chain has its typical features and functions that differ from other types of chainsaw chains. But not all people are capable of identifying the full-chisel chainsaw chain.

Therefore, we made this article that concentrates on what a full-chisel chainsaw chain is and what it can be used for. After looking through the blog, it is definite that you would have a deep understanding of the full-chisel chainsaw chain.

What the full chisel chain is?

 what is the full-chisel chainsaw chain used for

The full-chisel chain features square-cornered teeth that make it a more aggressive chain with high cutting speed than other types of chainsaw chains. Due to the square-cornered teeth and the high cutting speed, the full-chisel chain dulls faster and needs more often sharpening than other chains. In a word, it is very efficient but not that durable.

At the cost of safety, the full-chisel chain is not a novice-friendly or home user-friendly chainsaw chain, as it lacks the safe elements that other chains have, such as some kickback-reduction designs. 

However, there are some specially designed full-chisel chains with kickback-reduction features which we can find in the market now. So, You should pay attention to the chainsaw feedback as it cuts because the full-chisel chain would bring violent kickbacks that may cause chainsaw-related injury.

What is the full chisel chain used for?

With the pursuit of extreme cutting efficiency, the full-chisel chain is gaining extensive popularity among professionals and loggers worldwide. The outstanding cutting speed makes it capable of dealing with hardwoods and cutting down trees, limbs, and firewood. But it can not handle rough-cutting environments such as dirty woods.

If you are a home user, the full-chisel chain would not be a good choice for you. If you are struggling at finding the right chainsaw chain for home jobs, you can read our another blog for reference: how to choose an ideal chainsaw chain for beginners.

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