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1 Simple Way To Fix Generators That Won’t Put Out Power

by JEREMY HIPA 30 Aug 2022 1 comment

A lot of us may face the trouble that the generator won’t put out power when the power goes out for an emergency. People have no idea that generators have a little stored energy to do with magnetism and windings stuff. Sometimes generators sit for long periods of time, they can possibly lose the stored energy from sitting. Now we need to get the stored energy back.


Method 1

There is an old-school way to bring your generator back to life. It involves taking a 12-volt battery out of your riding lawnmower or car hook up two wires to it.
Then you need to take the end of your generator off, where you can take those two wires to shock or zap it.

Method 2

There is a better way to reflash your generator by a corded plug-in drill. A lot of people do not realize that a drill has a little electric motor in there and it actually will generate power if you spin it by hand.
Step 1: You just need to have the drill in the forward position as if you are drilling a hole through something and the chuck is going to be spinning after you finish these steps.
Step 2: Now look at your generator and make sure that the fuses are good. If you do not have fuses, you need to make sure that the breaker is turned on and plug your drill in.
Step 3: Start your generator and run it like you always do. You need to make sure that everything is on and it is running.
Step 4:You’d better put on gloves this time because the chuck has some sharp edges. Now you should hold the drill down and hold the trigger on when your generator is running.
It is reasonable that your drill should be working but it is not working.
Step 5: You just need to keep holding the trigger down and start spinning the chuck backward again, keeping grabbing it and revving it. What this is doing is generating a little bit of power and it is back eating the power back through the cord into the generator, and it is flashing the generator the same as if you are using that old-school 12-volt.
Step 6: You might find that all of a sudden the drill takes off on you and you may find what the drill is working now.

If method 2 does not work for you well, there is something else wrong with your generator. Do not forget to try this simple method before you take it to a local shop.

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family and also get help from Hipa.

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1 comment

01 Apr 2023 Jerry Moses
I installed a DUAL fuel Carburetor On My Champion Generator. The engine is a Honda Clone GX 200 The engine works great with the Propane, but with the gas the engine runs only on full Choke and the engine is hunting very badly. Can you may be help with this problem please

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