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Duromax XP18HPE 440cc vs. Honda GX390: A Comparative Look at Engine Parts Compatibility

by Hipa Store 05 Oct 2023 0 Comments

In the world of small engines, the Duromax XP18HPE 440cc and the Honda GX390 are two heavyweights known for their reliability and performance. Many enthusiasts and DIYers are curious about whether the parts of these engines are interchangeable. In this blog, we'll explore the compatibility of various components between the RedneckComputerGeekand the Honda GX390 to help you make informed decisions when it comes to maintenance, repairs, or customization.

Comparing Spark Plugs, Valve Train, Billet Flywheel, Connecting Rod, Exhaust Pipe, and Gasket


When it comes to engine components, it's essential to know which parts can be easily swapped between these two powerhouses. Fortunately, several key components are indeed interchangeable.


Spark Plugs: Starting with one of the most crucial components, the spark plugs, both the Duromax XP18HPE 440cc and the Honda GX390 share compatibility. This means you can replace a spark plug from one engine with a spark plug from the other without any issues.

Carburetor: Another area of compatibility lies in the carburetor. They both run the same idles and they can be switched between the two engines without a hitch.You could check the carburetor for both GX390 and Duromax XP18HPE 440cc here.


Billet Flywheel: The billet flywheel, responsible for regulating engine speed, is also a component you can freely swap between the Duromax and Honda engines. This interchangeability provides flexibility for those looking to fine-tune their engine's performance.


Connecting Rod: If your engine's connecting rod ever needs replacement, you'll be pleased to know that this component is the same for both the Duromax and Honda engines, allowing for cost-effective repairs or upgrades.

duromax 440cc connecting rod and GX390 connecting rod comparision

Image Credit Youtuber @redneckcomputergeek

Exhaust Pipe and Gasket: The exhaust system, including the exhaust pipe and gasket, is another area of commonality between these engines. This means you can enhance or replace your exhaust system without worrying about compatibility issues.

GX390 Duromax Exhaust Pipe and Gasket difference

Image Credit Youtuber @redneckcomputergeek

Notable Differences: Pull Start and Valve Caps


While many engine components between the Duromax XP18HPE 440cc and Honda GX390 are interchangeable, there are a couple of notable exceptions.


Recoil starter cup: One significant difference lies in the starter mechanism. The starter on the Duromax engine may not fit the Honda engine and vice versa. If you need to replace the starter, make sure to select the appropriate one for your specific engine model.

GX390 duromax 440cc Recoil starter cup difference

Image Credit Youtuber @redneckcomputergeek

Valve Caps: The valve caps on these engines differ, which means they are not interchangeable. If you require new valve caps, it's essential to identify and source the correct ones for your particular engine.

Valve Caps of GX390 and duromax 440cc

Image Credit Youtuber @redneckcomputergeek

In conclusion, when it comes to parts compatibility, the Duromax XP18HPE 440cc and Honda GX390 share many common components, making it easier for enthusiasts and mechanics to perform maintenance and customization. However, it's crucial to be aware of the exceptions, such as the pull start and valve caps, to ensure you choose the right parts for your specific engine. This knowledge will empower you to keep your engine running smoothly and maintain its exceptional performance.

You could also check the details of the comparision by watching this video.

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