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How to Fix a CHAMPION Generator With No Compression

by Hipa Store 18 Aug 2022 0 Comments

A generator with no compression is easy to pull over as if the spark plug is out of it. But the spark plug is still in there and you won’t start it at all. Read this blog and you will learn how to quickly fix it by yourself.


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to remove the valve cover to find the two rocker arms when the engine is cold. You can also remove the spark plug boot if it is necessary. When one of the rocker arms is pushing the valve down, you need to adjust the other one because there is no pressure on it.

Step 2: Grab the rocker arm and check if it is a little bit loose. It is better to prepare a feeler gauge and put the tab of the feeler into the gap between the arm and the valve.

If the gap is so narrow to let the tab of the feeler in, you need to loosen the nut to make sure the whole tab can go into the gap.
Once you have the proper gap, you just need to tighten up the nut with holding on the screw.

Step 3: Now you need to crank the engine over until the adjusted rocker arm is down and the other arm is up.

Step 4: If you grab the other rocker arm, you will find it is really tight and there is no gap between it and the valve. The problem is at the adjusted arm, it has too much space between the tappet and the valve, making the valve open in the engine. That is why there is no compression on the generator.

Step 5: What you need to do is loosen up the nut and turn out the screw on the other arm until you can feel that the feeler gauge blade can run through the gap.

Step 6: You can turn your engine over manually with the switch on the off position. It is better to double check the settings again. Once the two arms are at the proper setting, you can reinstall the valve cover. And do not forget to reinstall the spark plug boot.

If you pull over the generator, you will find it would be a lot harder as if there is actually some compression.

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