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How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade

by Jeremy HIPA 05 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Is your lawn mower starting to lose its cutting edge against even the smallest blades of grass? Well, its time to follow this instruction on how to sharpen your lawnmower blade.

Sharpening the blade on your lawn mower is a basic part of any lawn mower maintenance. A sharp blade will require less power from the engine on your lawnmower. A dull blade will tend to tear the grass when you cut it and a torn blade of grass can allow disease to enter into your lawn.

Blade Removing

You need to remove the blade first. Tip your lawnmower back and support its handle underneath your workbench to get access to the blade. You could also tip the lawnmower on its side but you’d never want to tip the lawn mower towards the side where the carburetor is. If you do, all the fuel leak out of your mower.
You can use a rag to grab the blade. This will protect your hand as you remove the bolt that holds the blade to the mower.

With the blade removed, you can now move on to sharpening it. There are 3 different methods to sharpen the blade.

Method 1

Starting with a file, you need to clamp the blade device. Now you can use the file to file the edge. Maintain the same angle that is on your blade, file downward and notice that you have to cut on the downward stroke then remove the file for the next stroke. Doing this will make your file stay sharp longer. You just need to work the file until the blade sharp.

Method 2

The next method is using a bank grinder to sharpen your blades. With this method, you just need to simple hold the blade up against the will and draw it across. Turn on the bank and it is just a matter of maintaining the angle on the blade.

Method 3

The last method we are going to talk about is using a hand-held grinder to grind your blades. For this method again will clamp the blade in a vise and then you need to use the grinder to grind the blade again. With this method, the important thing to remember is to just simply maintain the angle on the blade.

The last thing you need to do before you can install the blade back into your lawnmower is to make sure that it is balanced. The easiest way to do that is to take a nail and clamp it in the vise making sure that it is horizontal. Then set the hole in the center of the blade over the nail and this will show you if the blade is balanced. And last you just need to install the blade back into the lawnmower.

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