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How To Summerize Your Snowblower

by Jeremy HIPA 03 Feb 2023 0 Comments

The snow is gone, the days are longer and now you are minutes from mowing season. But before you throw your snowblower back in the corner, here are my top 5 snowblower storage tips to keep your snow machine looking and running like new again.

This blog provides 5 tips for summerizing your snowblower so that your snowblower would start right back up next time you’re ready to use it in the fall. These tips are beginner friendly, so if you are new to snowblower maintenance, read carefully and follow the instructions on the blog.


Your snowblower is one of the biggest investments in your garage and if you want it to start right up next season without an issue, then follow the 5 tips.

Tip 1
The first tip is that you must empty out the gas tank even if you run ethanol-free gas. Some may say just put fuel stabilizer in there and that may work for some people. Personally, I did this once a long time ago and that machine never ran right from the beginning of that season. You can spend the extra money on stabilizer or you can just turn it on and let the gas run out. 10 years going strong with no start-up issues season after season.

The reason why you need to run out the gas tank is the residue that results from old fuel being left in the tank can create a restriction in the carburetor. You can try cleaning the carburetor with carburetor cleaner to eliminate the clog. If cleaning is not effective, you can often purchase a carburetor repair kit to replace some of the components or install a new carburetor altogether.

Tip 2
You need to locate your carburetor, untwist the drain bolt at the bottom of the bowl and drain out any remaining gas. Old or bad fuel can also create a clog in the carburetor which can prevent your snowblower from starting next winter. This is a great way to ensure that your carburetor is free of any gas.

Tip 3
Pull the engine to the top dead center. This will move the engine piston to the top of the cylinder preventing rust and corrosion inside that engine block.

You’re going to grab onto the pull cord, pull back, and when you feel some tension until you feel some tension. There is where the engine piston is at top dead center, just set the cord back and you’re done.

Tip 4
Change the oil while the engine is still hot. You work the engine hard all winter long and all that gunk suspended in the oil needs to be cleaned up.
You can begin by lifting up the front end of the snow blower and sticking some wooden blocks underneath. This will help all the oil roll to the back of the engine. You can take off your drain plug and let it empty out into a pan. Once that oil is drained out of the engine. Fill the plug back up to your engine and you will be ready to go with fresh oil as soon as winter arrives.

Tip 5
It is time to apply a protective coating. You could get it all down with a wide variety of products like WD-40. You need to get this in all crevices rust spots and exposed metal or you can just spray a surface quickly and wipe it all around to apply a thin coat. Be sure to spray the top bottom and all sides of your snowblower.

It is better to soak a cardboard under your snowblower. Now, it is a good time to check other things on the equipment like your belts, augers, gearbox, or even your spark plug. But by having these 5 must-do tips completed, your snowblower is now ready to be tucked away while you enjoy your summer.

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