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Snow Blower

Traction Control Cable Replacement On A Snow Blower

by Jeremy HIPA 03 Jan 2023 0 Comments

This blog is a step-by-step instruction for replacing the traction control cable on a Ariens snowblower. The most common reasons for replacing the traction control cable is if the wheels don’t turn, the traction cable is broken or not moving freely, and lubricting the cable with oil does not fix the problem.


Before you begin the replacement, you need to be sure to remove the snowblower start key from the engine to replace the traction cable.
Step 1: Remove the cotter pin and washer to release the cable from the clutch handle.
Step 2: Next, unhook the cable spring from the cable ring and discard the old cable.
Step 3: Install the new traction cable by first attaching the spring to the ring. Now aligne the opposite end of the cable with the clutch handle and secure it with the washer and cotter pin.

With the new cable installed, you can now return the start key to the snowblower’s engine and your snowblower should be ready for use.

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