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How to Use A Chainsaw Safely

by JEREMY HIPA 20 Jun 2022 0 Comments

There are thousands of people who get injured for using a chainsaw improperly each year. In order to decrease the casualty, we made this detailed guide to popularize how to use a chainsaw safely on the chainsaw and saw chain selection, the tension adjustment, the air filter maintenance, the wearable protections, the cutting tips, as well as the external environment. If you also have the same trouble using your chainsaw safely, you should read through this blog.

Choose A Chainsaw With Safety Protection

When you are using a chainsaw and trying to touch the tip of the guide bar on something while sawing, the chainsaw would tend to bounce off or what is called kickback, because the chain is moving at incredibly high speed. This would often result in horrific injuries to your face or shoulder because of the dramatic kickback.

Hand Guard Brake


how to use a chainsaw safely

So the chain brake was invented. Basically, it is an internal component connected with the clutch which could be stopped by a ring initiated as soon as you hit the brake. If you do suffer an accident and it comes from the chain, the hand guard will stop it before it hits you.

Usually, there is also a rubber mount on the brake which is specially designed to protect your knuckles and wrist from kickback and vibration. With the help of the rubber mount, you can run the chainsaw all day long without much hands uneasiness.

Safety Throttle


how to use a chainsaw safely

Another safety feature is the safety throttle, a little trigger on the top of the back handle typically. When the time the chainsaw is knocking off your hand, the safety throttle would automatically pop up. In this way, you could not press the accelerator any further, thus protecting you from the coming kickback and vibration.

Metal Plate

how to use a chainsaw safely

Additionally, there is often a small metal plate on the bottom of the modern chainsaw. As chains fatigue over time, your chain becomes dull and worn. If unfortunately, your chain breaks when you are working, it would wrap it around you and your hands. This metal plate can effectively keep you away from that sharp edge of the chain.

Choose A Low-kickback Chainsaw Chain


how to use a chainsaw safely

Another thing you need to pay more attention to is a friendly chain. The low-kickback chain is a good choice that features the bumper drive link or ramped depth gauge design. You can feel that the kickback is reduced to a low level by using such a low-kickback chain, delivering a stable and safe cutting.

Chainsaw Adjustment

Adjust Chain Tension

It is also important to adjust the chain to the correct tension before you start, otherwise, you would work with an inefficient chainsaw or suffer from an accident. You can look through the blog: How to Tension Your Chainsaw Chain for Stihl FS180 Chainsaw to check your chain tension.

Check Air Filter

Like your car or truck, you need to check your air filter frequently, and brush it off or just replace it. A clean air filter makes a big difference in your chainsaw performance.

Wearable Protections

Before cutting, you should give your priority to personal body safety protections, such as the safety helmet, eye-protective glasses, earplugs, gloves, saw chaps, or a set of cutting aprons. These protections seem to make you look silly, but they may save your life critically.

Cutting Tips

Cut Below Waist Level

It is dangerous to cut branches that are above your head. The safest way is to use the chainsaw below your waist level, thus enabling you to control the aggressive tool with ease.

Keep A Stable Gesture

In order to support and release the kickback as you start cutting, you have to position yourself properly: have a good stance, and keep a sound distance to the cutting object before you turn on your chainsaw.

External Environment

First, never do this job alone. You should make sure that there is at least a family, friend, neighbor, or another buddy around you to offer help if there is anything emergent. If you have to work alone, keep your phone always in good reception.

Second, it is necessary for you to survey the working area and the cutting object, and make sure there is nothing that could cause problems.


You would make a safer cutting by conforming to the guide above every time you are to engage in cutting. Do not forget to check your chainsaw condition, put on wearable protections, and recall the cutting tips lest one of which may save your life and your family.

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family and also get help from Hipa.

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