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What Makes A Chainsaw Chain Aggressive

by JEREMY HIPA 20 Jun 2022 1 comment

There is no doubt that an aggressive chain improves cutting efficiency, and that is the main reason why loggers or professionals pursue such an extreme chainsaw chain.

But there are still some who are puzzled by what makes a chainsaw chain aggressive. When searching for an aggressive chainsaw chain, factors such as the cutter types, the cutter teeth sequence, the size of the chainsaw chain, as well as the chainsaw power should be taken into consideration.

In fact, the violent kickback comes from cutting as you enjoy the well-improved cutting performance.

If you want to learn more about chainsaw chain types, check out our other blog: what are the types of chainsaw chains?

Here, we will talk about the features that make a chain aggressive. The following list can be used to determine the most aggressive chainsaw chain:

The Cutter Type

what makes a chainsaw chain aggressive

It has been well-known that there are commonly semi-chisel cutter chains, full-chisel cutter chains, and low-profile cutter chains on the market. The full-chisel cutter features square-cornered cutter teeth, makeing the chain more aggressive than other two types of cutters.

Because of the square-cornered cutter teeth, the saw chain blade is sharper than the round-cornered cutter teeth to cut through hardwoods.

The Cutter Teeth Sequence

what makes a chainsaw chain aggressive

The more cutters on the chain, the more drag the chain would receive and the slower the chain would run. Based on this principle, we can know that the skip chain, which has fewer cutter teeth, needs less power from your chainsaw to offset the drag from the chain.

So your chainsaw with a skip chain could run faster and be more aggressively. Moreover, the skip chain has the most wider gap between every cutter tooth. The wide gap allows wood shavings to be carried out by the chain, which contributes to deep and clean cuttings.

The Size of the Chain

In more precise words, the pitch of the chain partly determines the aggressiveness of the chainsaw chain. The pitch is dictated by the chainsaw, unless you are going to buy a new chainsaw, or you have to choose chains according to what your chainsaw takes. The larger pitch sizes equal the larger and heavier chains. The .404 pitch chains are the most aggressive chainsaw chains than the chains with other pitch sizes. They are capable of dealing with heavy-duty works such as large timber.

The Chainsaw Power

Chainsaw power is also an important factor in aggressiveness. Some chainsaws with small motors are never aggressive enough to handle heavy cutting jobs. A chainsaw with a strong engine would be a sustainable power source to drive the chain aggressively.


For the chainsaw chain itself, the most aggressive chain is a .404 pitch, full-chisel skip chain. However, you should be careful to work with it, as you may be injured from the violent kickback. For the chainsaw, a strong motor makes faster-cutting speed which also contributes to the aggressiveness of the chainsaw.

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1 comment

05 Dec 2023 Jim goinham

This guy must not cut wood 🤣 the most aggressive chain is a square filed chain with some low rakers doesn’t much matter the pitch if its a square grind and hungry its gonna bite

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