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What Is a Low Profile Chainsaw Chain

by JEREMY HIPA 28 May 2022 0 Comments

Before starting off, you should first know that a standard saw chain and a low profile saw chain are not interchangeable, meaning that a standard chain will not fit on a chainsaw bar that designed for a low profile chain. Based on this understanding, we can keep on figuring out what defines a low profile chainsaw chain.

  • A smaller chain

 what is a low profile chainsaw chain

Low profile chains look smaller than standard profile chains, because the cutters of low profile chains are not as tall as those of standard chains. Therefore, LP chains feature light weight and shallow cutting.

  • A specially designed chain for safety

what is a low profile chainsaw chain

Low profile chains are specially made with advanced anti-kickback and low-vibration designs, such as bumper drive links or ramped depth gauge. This safety design minimizes the risk of kickback, which is more friendly to novice.

  • Pitch

There are only two pitches design available for low profile chains: 3/8” LP and 1/4” LP.

  • Compatibility

Low profile chains feature good compatibility with low-horsepower chainsaws, gas-powered chainsaws and electric chainsaws.

  • Energy savings

As a lightweight saw chain with small cutters, the low profile chain has an unnecessary demand for strong torque; in another word, the low profile chain needs less power to drive the chainsaw than the standard profile chain.

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