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4 Reasons For Not Taking Trimmer Guard Off Your Weed Eater

by HIPA Jeremy 21 Sep 2022 1 comment

Taking the trimmer guard off or not is one of the most controversial topics in the lawn care field. Here are reasons for keeping the guard on your string trimmer.


The guard provides some measure of safety. It is a layer of protection to keep you from debris and protect your eyes. More importantly, even if it plays an important role in protection, you’d better wear safety glasses, ear protection, hiking boots and jeans, because I feel like I am exposed to using a string trimmer.


The second reason to keep the guard on your trimmer is that you can void the factory warranty if you take the guard off. I completely agree with that. And I have no doubt that the manufacturer of a trimmer will not want to honor the warranty. If the warranty is very important to you, then you need to keep the guard on.

line length

Additionally, an important function of the guard is that it helps to keep the line cutting at a proper length. There is a special design inside the guard to cut the line, making the line always a proper length. If you take off the guard, you will have a line longer than it should be, and that is going to put too much heat on the engine.


As I mentioned above, when you take off the guard, the longer cut line will put much heat on the engine, and it will also shorten the lifespan of your trimmer. On the other hand, a string trimmer with no guard will increase the vibration of the machine. Having a longer line will cause some extended engine wear, as well as some damage to the crankshaft, bearings, and other main engine components.


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1 comment

06 Jul 2023 Josh Hinkle
How can you justify taking away warranty for a fucking guard if the motor blows up it has nothing to do with the guard fat ducking L

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