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4 Reasons To Take the Trimmer Guard Off Your Weed Eater

by HIPA Jeremy 20 Sep 2022 1 comment

Taking the trimmer guard off or not is one of the most controversial topics in the  lawn care field. Here are 4 reasons for taking it off.

It is reasonable that you are concerned about the debris flying which would still catch you even if you are having your glasses on. But actually, it happens very rarely and it is not worth having the guard for me. When you are edging, the main thing you want to do is understand which way the debris and rocks are going, you just need to make sure there is not anything like a person, a window or a car behind you.

Longer string

Running a trimmer without the guard allows you to have a longer string. Although taking the guard off will not help your string last longer, it will make you cover more area with your trimmer as fast as possible. You do not have to pay more attention to the wires, because you do not have a big guard.

Better view

You can see what you are doing better. The guard is in the way of your sight line particularly when you flip it upside down and you are edging. Some people are going to say that do not flip our trimmer upside down so that it will do something with the fuel to make the trimmer not run as well. But in order to improve the working performance and efficiency, why not flip it upside down and take the guard off your trimmer.


From a perspective of efficiency. Trying to be as fast or efficient as you can. Taking the guard off can makes you fit the trimmer head into tighter spaces. If you have a guard on your trimmer, you can not fit the head into those spaces, it might be behind an air conditioner or where you have got a bunch of landscaping.

Multiple utility

Make it work as an edger. You can remove the guard to increase the utility of the trimmer, making it work as an edger. So you can save an investment in another small engine equipment.


Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join HIPA DIY COMMUNITY to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family and get help from Hipa.

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1 comment

21 Apr 2023 John Puffenbarger
If you take guard off how is the line cut to right length?

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