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How To Install A Snow Blower Carburetor On Tecumseh Engines

by HIPA Jeremy 12 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install a carburetor on your snow blower with a Tecumseh engine between 8 to 11 horsepower.

How To

Step 1: You can start with popping off the choke knob. You need to remove the screws that hold the cover.
Step 2: Disconnect the wires that go to the key on the snow blower. You need to loosen up the Phillips crew first and then the wires should come off. Usually, you also need to remove both screws that hold the bracket. Now you are supposed to take the whole cover off with the bracket.
Step 3: Remove the bracket. You are going to need to get the cover past the choke shaft and just pull it out. Then you should be able to take off the screws that hold the bracket to the carburetor as well as the screws from the cover. You are going to have the bracket off so you can put it on a new carburetor.
Step 4: Disconnect the primer line and take off the screws that each one has a nut at the end of it with a Phillips screwdriver.
Step 5: Now you can undo the carburetor that is just lightly stuck on the machine. Then you need to reach down and undo the fuel clip by using a good pair of pliers. Use a slotted screwdriver and just back off the fuel line, if the colon is in pretty back shape, the fuel lines need to be replaced obviously.
When you replace a carburetor on a snow blower, you should pay attention to the hole where the linkage is in.
Step 6: Remove the carburetor from the linkage. It is very easy you just need to tip it up and then it is going to come out. One thing that is extremely important when you replace a carburetor is not to bend the linkages. If you end up accidentally bending the linkages, your engine may run too slow or too fast.
Step 7: Before you install the new carburetor, you have to remove the choke assembly from the old carb and install it in the new one, and make sure it works. By the way, you can also replace the fuel line and the primer line.
Step 8: You need to retrieve the linkage and install it into the little hole on the new carb.

Now you want to make sure you install the gasket between the carburetor and the adapter. Then put that nut screw back on so that it is not fallen off when you install the carb. And reconnect the fuel line and make sure the fuel line is installed flush to the carb and then install the fuel clamp.
Step 9: Put all things back on.


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