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How To Fix A Snow Blower That Surges Up and Down

by Hipa Store 14 Oct 2022 0 Comments
If your snow blower does not run quite well, it surges and sputters a bit, you need to look through this blog.


The main reason for the surge issue is a carburetor problem. The carb is not sending enough fuel to the engine, it is why your snowblower surges up and down.

How To

Step 1: You can start by removing the carburetor cover. So that you have a better view of the carb parts. you can remove the choke table first, then you need to remove two Phillips screws and small bolts that hold the cover. There is a wire for the key under the cover, you want to wiggle it off, then you can just remove the cover.

Step 2: If it is a nonadjustable carburetor and there is no fuel valve on your machine, what you need to do now is to squeeze the fuel lines with pliers, so it does not leak when you take the carburetor bowl off, and just leave them there. Usually, there is a fuel shutoff valve underneath the fuel tank.

Step 3: Get a sample of the fuel in your carb to see what is going on in the fuel tank. You can take off the bowl nut with a small quarter in a ratchet and a 1/2 inch socket so that the fuel can flow out. Then take off the bowl and check the condition of the internal bottom if there is some dirt in there. Now drain more fuel out of the fuel tank until the fuel is clear and has no moisture.

Step 4: Remove the float. You can remove the O-ring first and then hold on to the float and grab the small pin. Remember when you remove the float that the needle valve will come out with it. The first thing you need to do when you remove a float is to shake it, if you do not hear or feel the sound of fuel inside of it then the float is still good. You can clean it with some spray.

Step 5: Remove the needle valve seat. You can use a crochet hook to insert it and push it to the end and pull back, the seat is going to come out. The little seat is not replaceable because it is part of the carb.

Step 6: Give a quick clean to the inside of the carburetor with some spray and let it sit for a while. After a while, you can use small wire brushes to run around the outer part of the carb where the O-ring goes. Rinse it off and air blow it quickly.

Step 7: Reassemble the carburetor kit with new carb rebuild parts. As well as the carburetor cover and do no forget to reinstall the choke table.

Step 8: Test your snowblower.

Product Recommendation

1. HIPA ALL-IN-ONE Carburetor KIT

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2. HIPA Air System Maintenance Kit

ms290 029 air system maintenance kit
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Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join HIPA DIY COMMUNITY to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family and get help from Hipa.

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