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Reasons and Solutions for Snow Blowers That Leak When Primed

by Hipa Store 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

It is a normal issue that your snow blower is going to leak from the carburetor when you are priming the bulb. Here are the reasons and solutions to fix it up.


First of all, the main reason the fuel will leak is that it is being over primed. Second of all, it is because the fuel can not go out the pipe to the engine. It is actually a good thing that it is set up well because if it was not, you would end up flooding your engine all the time.

Sometimes it is because you are priming it a bit too much. It is usually just priming it twice that will do the job, then you put the choke on the half throttle but if you prime it more than four or five times, you are definitely going to get some gas leak out of the carb. It is typical for machines that have a float carburetor. So if you have other machines with a float carburetor, stop over priming and it is sound to just prime it twice.


So you do not need to be panicked if you see a few drops of fuel leaking out of your carburetor when you over primed it and as long as you do not keep priming it, it is just going to stop dripping and it is not going to leak fuel anymore.

However, if your carburetor is continuously leaking, you do want to get it checked by professionals because if it is constantly leaking, there is a further issue with the carburetor.

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