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How To Make Your HONDA Snow Blower Last Longer

by HIPA Jeremy 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

If you own a Honda snow blower, this blog will help you make your machine last longer.


The critical thing you should do is to add a grease fitting to the right case transmission. It will make a huge difference on how much you are interred the right transmission case gets.

How To

Step 1: What you need to do is to mark with a black marker where you are going to drill and tap for the grease fitting.

Step 2: To make it easier for yourself, you can remove the plate cover. Take a metric grease fitting as an example, you need to use a a13 64th drill bit.
Step 3: Then you just need to drill a hole on that marker and do not go deep just a quarter inch. Now what you need is an m6 by 1 threading tap and you also need to dip it into grease, the grease on the tap is to catch the shards and it will be quite easy to thread in.
Step 4: Now, your metric m6 by 1 grease fitting should fit perfectly in those new threads. You can use a seven millimeter wrench to tighten it up and do not tighten it up too much, just snug it tightly there.
Step 5: Grab your grease gun with some low temperature grease in it. The reason you want some low temperature grease is because you are using the blower in the winter obviously but you do not want the grease to get hard. And it is going to get on the gears where the old grease may have come off. You need to get over 20 shots of grease in there.


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