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How To Adjust The Throttle Cable On A Stihl Weed Eater

by JEREMY HIPA 05 Sep 2022 0 Comments

You may find that your trimmer is not running as fast as it used to when you are pulling the trigger. It reminds you that you should adjust your carburetor. But if carb adjustment or replacement does not still make it run as it was when you bought it, there may be something wrong with your throttle cable. Here is 1 simple way for you to check it and 2 different ways for adjustment.


Firstly, you need to turn to the back side of the trimmer where your fuel cap is and where you fill your fuel in. Then look at the carburetor and pull your trigger, and see if the lever is going down all the way to that stop. It is called wide open throttle. If the lever is not coming all the way when you pull the trigger and leave there a big gap to wide open throttle, your trimmer will only go half-speed. Because it is not opening up your cable that has stretched.


STIHL has provided you with 2 different options to adjust the cable, so your unit will come back down to wide-open throttle.

1.You need to focus on the handle where your palm goes down on the handle when you are using it. You can see there is a little slot inside the handle and there is a smaller slot in the slot, which a little carb adjusting screwdriver or a flat screwdriver can fit in perfectly.

What you want to do is stick your carb adjusting screwdriver in that smaller slot and push down on it, you will feel it spring down a little bit, and then push that back as far as you can until you feel lockdown there. Now you can check if the throttle lever is coming all the way back down to where it should stop there. If it is coming back down there all the way, you are having wide-open throttle.
Sometimes you might still feel like you have some trigger to pull, that is what the little slot in the handle is for. So if it is coming down all the way pull that trigger until you are squeezing it as hard as you can and you might hear a little click click click sound from the handle and it is that little slot down there might move a little bit. If you hear that sound, that is a good thing and then you should look back down to the carb and see if it is still coming to wide-open throttle.

2.Sometimes its throttle cable is stretched so much that even you adjust the slot that way does not work anymore. Here is the other way to make the lever get wide open throttle.
You need to change to your Torx 25 screwdriver to do a little screw right down the hole in the top of the trimmer. If it is not coming down to wide open throttle, you need to hold the trigger open as far as it goes and keep it there, then put your Torx 25 screwdriver down there and look at the lever to check if it is hitting to stop or coming to wide open throttle. Now you can start screwing the screw in and you can see the lever moving down further to hit that stop.

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family and get help from Hipa.

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