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Stihl fs90 inexpensive great fix
Sarai Bednar Jan 2, 2022
Installed in under 10 minutes on stihl fs90. Only had to adjust the idle speed. Runs really close to new now for a 15 year old unit.
Never regret choosing HIPA
Gary R. July 26, 2022
If you are looking for parts to fix your home small engine, then HIPA is likely a good fit for you. Bought from them since last year, very good product and service!
No adjustments needed at all
Fleta Frami July 20, 2022
This is a fantastic product, don't waste your time with a carburetor or taking the old carburetor apart and trying to clean it.
Shaun van der Westhuizen July 28, 2022
My weed eater had sat for a year and the old gas clogged the carb, got this kit and installed , it runs like new. Cant believe what you get for the price . Way easier that soaking the carb and hoping it works .New fuel line , spark plug , two air filters , two fuel filters , two replacement primer bulbs , and of course the carb. All fit like factory replacement . Super Happy