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3 Common Problems and Solutions With Stihl MS170 180 Chainsaws

by JEREMY HIPA 29 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Stihl MS170 and MS180 are two of the most common chainsaw models for homeowners. Here, we will talk about 3 common problems and solutions on the two chainsaws to help you keep your outdoor equipment running for a long time. If you are still puzzled by this blog, you can leave your questions below and look through the reference video.

1.The Easy Start System

Typically, the Stihl MS170 and MS180 chainsaws come with an easy start technology. But not all Stihl MS 170 180 chainsaws have the easy start technology. You can identify the feature by the coming word with the chainsaw model and different model names feature different constructions. Some older models with “ C ” may or may not have the easy start system; newer models with “ C-BE ” have the easy start system, as well as the models with “ E ” also have the technology.

If you run a Stihl MS170 180 chainsaw with the easy start system, you just need to put basically half the force into the starter. The coil will wind itself up and generate more force than you pull the starter. If you have no idea about the easy start system and keep jerking up your engine, you may negatively impact the recoil mechanism.

2.A Weak Part

The second issue comes in the process when you replace the carburetor on your Stihl MS170 or MS180 chainsaw. If you do this wrong, you may break a weak part and spend a lot of money to replace the whole part. Before that, you are supposed to prepare a set of small engine adjustment tools.

Firstly, you need to take off the cap, the air box, and the throttle lever respectively. Then you can see the weak part is the white tab where snaps the black bar.

But the tab is not supported underneath. You need to be careful when you take this bar out or install the bar, instead of doing it with too much force, or the bar will be broken.

One of the correct ways to dismantle the bar is to use a long screwdriver to pry it up carefully and support it underneath the bar while reinstalling it.

So be very careful when it comes to taking out or installing the bar on the weak part.


The third potential problem is about the sprocket during chain installation.

Sometimes you want to put the chain on the guide bar after you have put the bar on the saw. You may find it difficult to find enough room to put the chain up. So the easiest way is to install the chain on the guide bar first and then put it together on the saw.

Note: you’d better wear a pair of the cut-resistance glove to deal with the sharp chain blade.

It is important to check if the chain on the sprocket is slightly forward because the chain could easily fall in the gap between the retaining washer and the sprocket itself. And you may do some damages to the sprocket once you start up the chainsaw.

You can check this by catching the chain and pulling it before you start up the saw. If the chain snags, you need to check if there is something wrong between the chain and the sprocket. Do not flex the bar if you make sure the chain snaps well into the sprocket.

Make sure the chain gets well on the sprocket every time you start your saw up.

Product Recommendation

1.HIPA ALL-IN-ONE Kit for Ms170 Ms180 chainsawVersion One: 

MS 170 180 carburetor kit no vent tube
2.HIPA ALL-IN-ONE Kit for Ms170 Ms180 chainsawVersion Two: 
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Two Version of MS 170 180 carburetor, with vent tube VS no vent tube, choose the one you need.MS 170 180 carburetor with vent tube VS no vent tube
What is the Hipa All-In-One kit? Why you need it? How does it helps? Here is my another blog that explains these question: HIPA All-In-One Kit--The Ultimate Solution For Small Engine Maintenance

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family, and get help from

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