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HOW-TO Fix A Chainsaw With No Spark - Ignition Coil Replacement

by JEREMY HIPA 05 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Chainsaw won’t start? Or Chainsaw stops after starts? There must be something wrong with the ignition module. By reading through this blog, you will learn the symptoms of a bad ignition coil and how to replace it with an OEM-quality ignition coil step by step.

Symptoms of A Bad Ignition Coil

1.There is no spark at the spark plug.

2.The chainsaw runs well when it is cold, and once the saw warms up, the chainsaw would stop running; if you leave it for a while and it gets cold again, you may find it comes back to run, and then it would just quit again.


You need to take out the spark plug and check for the spark. And before the ignition coil replacement, you also need to make sure the electrical system of the chainsaw is good.

A simple way to check there are no electrical problems on your chainsaw:

1.Disconnect the positive wire from the coil to eliminate the electrical system and isolate the coil.

2.Remove the spark plug to put the plug back in the boot and ground it to the engine.

3.If you still do not have a spark by pulling the recoil, you can make sure it is definitely the coil problem.

4.If you do have a spark, you can make sure your chainsaw has an electrical problem.

5.Try a new spark plug, in the same way, to exclude the influence from the spark plug.

A small tip: Do not put the spark plug near the spark plug hole when you check for a spark. Because if there is fuel in the cylinder and you do have a spark, it could catch fire.

By doing this simple test, we can make sure there is something wrong with the ignition coil.


Here are common steps for ignition coil replacement.

Step 1: Remove the recoil starter.

Step 2: Remove the screws that fasten the coil.

Step 3: Remove the wires from the coil. Then the whole coil is completely off.

Step 4: Remove the flywheel if it is necessary for the space between the ignition coil and the flywheel.

Step 5: Simply insert a piece of cardboard into the space in order to prevent the coil from touching too closely with the flywheel.

Step 6: Put a new ignition coil on and the coil will stick to the magnets of the flywheel. That is why we need the cardboard.

Step 7: Screw the screws in and attach the wires.

Step 8: Remove the cardboard, reinstall the recoil assembly, and tighten up all the screws.


It is essential to diagnose where the problem comes from before you replace the ignition module. Check the symptoms mentioned above and do the test to target the bad ignition coil.

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