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Differences Between Skip Chain and Standard Chain

by JEREMY HIPA 05 Jun 2022 0 Comments

What are the features of the skip chain and what makes the skip chain different from the standard chain? Here is an explanation including illustrations and word content. You will clearly understand when and where you can use a chainsaw with a skip chain.

 skip chain and standard chain

The only difference between the skip chain and the standard chain comes in the cutter teeth sequence. But what cutting functions and cutting results these two sequences produce are of remarkable difference.

The Skip chain

differences between skip chain and standard chain

The skip chain, also named the full-skip chain, features a cutting tooth on every third drive link in a larger guide bar that is 24 inches or above, which means the skip chain would not be dragged as the standard chain through the wood you are cutting. Less drag means less power demand for driving, in other words, it enables your chainsaw to run faster and perform a more efficient cutting. With the help of faster cutting, the skip chain is capable of cutting through a large portion of wood, firewood, limbs and other tasks where a smooth cutting surface is not important.
Skip chains seem to gain more popularity among professionals as their chainsaws are bigger and more powerful.

The Standard chain

 differences between skip chain and standard chain

The standard chain, with a cutting tooth on every other link, has more cutting teeth than the skip chain. As a matter of fact, the more cutting teeth on the chain body, the more drag the chainsaw would receive. So the chainsaw with a standard chain would run slower than that with a skip chain. In addition, compared with the skip chain, the standard chain is more compatible and common because of its wide versatility in gas-powered chainsaws, electric corded chainsaws, and battery-powered chainsaws.

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