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Ripping Chain: What It Is and Why You Need It

by JEREMY HIPA 05 Jun 2022 0 Comments

The efficiency of a professional’s work is closely subject to the chainsaw chain that he works with, that is why choosing a right chainsaw chain matters. Here we will introduce a special chainsaw chain that is designed for cutting logs or lumber along the grain — the ripping chain. This article includes basic information about the ripping chain and why you need it.

Features of Ripping Chain

The ripping chain, as a specialist in milling and cutting timber planks, features semi-chisel cutters with a specially designed angle, which are used on shallow cutting. 

Why Do You Need Ripping Chain?


The first benefit of the semi-chisel cutters comes in the durability that keeps the chain staying sharp longer.
And, the semi-chisel cutters make the chain more resistant to cutter damage, even though the chainsaw is struggling with the debris in the wood.
As the ripping chain is specially designed for cutting the wood grain along the timber length, the cutting path of the ripping chain is always smoother and cleaner in comparison to other types of chainsaw chains on the market.


On the contrary, it is also a disadvantage that the ripping chain is unsuitable for other cutting jobs.
And the ripping chain runs slower as the defined cutting takes more time than regular cutting.


It is better for you to give your priority to weighing the pros and cons before making the decision. If you are going to turn raw timbers into boards and planks, the ripping chain is the best choice.

Please let us know if this works and if you have any suggestions or comments. Or you can join us to feature your passion for repair projects, share your stories with the Hipa family, and get help from Hipa.

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