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What Is A Full-Skip Chainsaw Chain

by JEREMY HIPA 20 Jun 2022 0 Comments

In order to meet the cutting demands in complex environments, chainsaw chains have been divided into the full-house chain, the standard chain, the full-skip chain, and the semi-skip chain by the different sequences of cutter teeth. Here, we’re focusing on an overview of the full-skip chain in three main aspects: feature, function, and safety.

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 what is full skip chainsaw chain

Compared with other chainsaw chains, the full-skip chain, with fewer cutter teeth and more gaps between cutters arranged on every three drive links, is invented for larger chainsaws above 24 inches.


 what is full skip chainsaw chain

A full-skip chain is the best option for most cutting jobs that needs a long guide bar. Because skip chains on a large bar can deal well with large diameter timbers.

The fewer cutter teeth receive less drag, making your chainsaw run faster to perform an efficient cutting. The faster cutting speed makes the chain aggressive enough to cut large pieces of wood or cross-cutting sections of wood.

And the skip teeth chain also boasts clean cutting. The large gaps between cutter teeth make clean cuttings as the leaving space is capable of carrying out debris and the wood shavings, while other chains that have closer cutting teeth would cause sawdust to remain in the chain.


As a beginner-friendly chainsaw chain, the full-skip chain produces fewer kickbacks when it runs. Therefore, the full-skip chain has gained popularity worldwide, especially for those who have limited chainsaw chain experience.

The full-skip chain would not dull as quickly as other chains. If the skip teeth chain is dull, you can sharpen it easily by yourself, thanks to the wider gap between the cutting teeth. It is a good practice for beginners to learn the maintenance of the chainsaw chain. This means you can work with the full-skip chain longer and more efficiently.

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